Sunday, 24 February 2013

"Time is overrated, Momentum carries me" -- Maximo Park

Well, I've been pretty catastrophically bad at blogging this term. I have no excuse except that I've been swept up in The Final Term Of Teaching (as I've come to call it in my head), spending most of my time in the library trying (and often failing) to work as hard as possible. There's an idea in my head that this is the last chance I have to make something of my degree, and although the likelihood of me getting a First is pretty much zero, I still want to do well. Except for the tiny part of me that simply wants to be a hippy yoga instructor hostel owner somewhere warm by the sea who doesn't even need a degree and wants to give up entirely. I try to ignore that part, it doesn't help much with motivation!

I can't decide if that Maximo Park lyric describes what I've been doing, or what I should do. On the one hand I'm letting momentum carry me forward whilst I do the bare minimum, but on the other I need to forget about time, stop panicking that it's passing too fast, and find some momentum to carry me. Who knows. I've been ill for the last week and a half, and I'm hoping that tomorrow I can wake up and feel inspired to Get Things Done.

It's nearly March now, which helps. I'm excited for Spring, for flowers and warmer weather. I've got some more blog posts lined up, I have magazines to read and tea to drink. I need to remember that life could be a whole lot worse.

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  1. These are beautiful!I want to go on a road trip in that car