Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Trainers

When the weather isn't quite so miserable, I like to go running. There is, of course, the gym, but I can't actually afford that this term, so the great outdoors will have to do. I bought my old trainers back when I was in school and was running, so they've been pretty well used. My dad very kindly treated me to a new pair just before I came back to York since my old ones were giving me terrible blisters.
Old trainers
Muddy trainers

They didn't actually look that bad, or so I thought. Then I got some lovely new shiny ones!

New Asics GT-2170
With my Nike+ sensor, ready to run
They're Asics GT-2170 women's running shoes, and are SO much better than my old ones. When I went into the shop, the woman had me run on the treadmill in normal support trainers whilst she filmed my feet, to see if I pronated (rolled my ankles in) when I ran. I did, a lot, so these trainers have good arch support to stop that happening so much. If you see trainers with a darker colour on the outside of the shoe where your arch is, these have support there to stop over-pronation, something which I hadn't realised!

The only problem is that I've not actually been running in them yet! I've used them for aerobics, but so far the weather has been too wet to entice me outside. As soon as it stops raining for a while, I'll test them out.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Top and skirt - River Island, boots - Boohoo

It's a bit out-dated by now, but this is what I wore on Easter Sunday. I thought that none of the photos I took had worked, but I've just discovered this. The tops, skirt and boots were all sale prices, thriftiness FTW. The top is fast becoming a favourite of mine - I love the half-length sleeves, they're perfect for the not-so-summery weather we get here! I'll try to use my proper camera in future for outfit posts, since my iPod obviously doesn't take the clearest photographs. Perhaps I should clean my mirror, that might help...

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hail on the roof

Dreary weather

My bed
WHAT is going on with the weather? It was a gorgeously sunny day, my sister came in from mowing the lawn and said how hot it was, and within ten minutes the sky had clouded over and it was hailing. Now it is sunny again! I want to go for a long run, but what on earth do I wear? I don't want to go in a hoody if the sun stays out, but I don't want to be caught in a blizzard (anything is possible right now...) wearing a t-shirt. Oh, the dilemmas!

I thought I'd take a picture of my bed, because it was looking so cosy. The rug isn't usually spread out like that, but I took pity on my dog earlier and let her chill on my bed for a while. No one was downstairs and she was blatantly lonely. Also she's so adorable that I can't help giving in to her every want!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A rather dreary day here in middle England, one that merits Nutella spread pretty thickly onto homemade bread. After watching the debacle that was the boat race, I needed some sort of sustenance! Oh well, we all know that Oxford would have won, although what went on with the clash I just do not know.

I'm now meant to be reading Sense and Sensibility, but all I want to do is watch a film about somewhere hot, and pretend that I'm there.

My hair was a complete mess this morning - obviously after swimming last night I didn't quite manage to wash it properly - so I straightened it, cue random photos taken with my iPod. A little more colourful that the one permanently on my blog, but rather blurry. Unfortunately (or, rather, fortunately - explanation later) my dad came in to put some hooks on the back of my door, so no more could be taken. As for the hooks, I've been meaning to put them up for about three years or so now, and I'm eternally grateful for my my dad and his drill. I decoupaged the wooden board and varnished it, so now my coats have something pretty to hang on. The original hooks had been there since before we moved in and have taken to collapsing (apparently there is such a thing as Too Many Clothes?) over the last few years. But no more! Now I just have to sort out the squeaky hinges, as the weight of coats and jackets is too much for them...

Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

So, today should have been wonderfully Spring-like, but in fact was cold and grey. Not to mention that I'm now feeling quite sick for some reason. Am exhausted from rejigging my blog - why is it so hard to make it look how I want it to?!

Last night my sister made hot cross buns to have for breakfast today, and they tasted incredible, even better than shop-bought ones. We're doing really well right now with homemade food, since Dad seems to be on a proper bread mission, making all sorts of loaves (not all of them have turned out perfectly, though...). It's so nice to come downstairs in the morning to the smell of dough rising in the oven.

After breakfast I dug out some of the MANY rolls of wrapping paper I can't bring myself to use (too pretty) and lined a couple of cardboard boxes. I ordered a couple of pairs of boots from Boohoo which came yesterday, so I ended up with empty shoeboxes. One of them will house the myriad electrical items that clutter up the floor in front of my basin (there aren't actually that many, but the flexes...OH the flexes...), and the other I'm going to fill up with jewellery making paraphernalia. At some point I'll also cover the outside, but I don't like to do anything in a hurry...

Hard Work

Nothing like it, eh? I'm still not happy with how my blog looks, but I'm working on it, I promise. 

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I am now on Bloglovin!

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That photo...

I know that the photo on here right now is slightly old (from the summer - boredom at work drove me to new lengths!) and really bad quality (shot in a badly-lit bathroom with an iPod), but it really is the only decent one I have at the moment! I will strive to get a decent one soon.......

The Average Person

Apparently, I am above average. This might be a bizarre thing to say, but at 5'5.5", I am about half an inch taller than the average British woman (please correct me if I'm wrong). I always find this hard to believe - at school I was one of the shortest, even in sixth form when everyone had finished growing. There were girls there hitting six foot and above, and although at university I've found that most people aren't that tall, I still can't seem to find many who are the same height as me.

This has left me with a few questions:

Firstly, why were there so many girls at school who were so tall? Not only in my year, but in most of the years below me. Girls four years younger than me would tower over my above-average frame, which I always found slightly disconcerting. Why was it that at that one school there was such a high concentration of tall people?

The second question is one that came up when I went shopping a couple of months ago. I was looking for jeans, but as always I couldn't find any that properly fit. In many shops that sell jeans by leg length and waist measurement, the shortest leg is 30 inches. 30 inches!!! As a person of average height, a 30 inch leg is FAR too long, and looks ridiculous. In other shops, where trousers are categorised into UK sizes of 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 etc, they often offer small, regular and long leg lengths. But even the small ones are too long. *Sigh* This is the only time that I resent my average stature. My leggy younger sister used to mock my height, in a kind way of course, and I'd always retaliate: I can wear insanely high heels and not look stupid, I always have leg room on buses and trains, I never need to complain about being too squashed in the car, and I always feel dainty next to boys, especially being the perfect height to hug. I LIKE my height. I just don't like the abnormal leg lengths of jeans. Someone, somewhere, needs to sort this out.