Monday, 10 December 2012

The resurrection of the Ugg boots

The weather seems to have warmed itself up for the moment, at least compared to Thursday. I was so cold that I actually wanted to cry. It probably didn't help that I had an early seminar in what might be the coldest room on campus, but waiting at the bus stop to go into town I did notice people shivering more than usual. So we'll put my pain down to the weather, rather than me being pathetic...

The cold was bothering me quite a lot, so I did what any normal person would. I went shopping. Two tops, socks, and a pair of boots. I'm slightly better kitted out for the cold weather now.

These were my first purchase. I thought I'd left Uggs back in 2009, but it seems not. However, I feel that I can justify these. Here goes...

  • They're black, rather than my old, grotty 'camel' coloured ones;
  • They have a decent rubber sole, compared to the rubbish that was on the bottom of my other ones which wore through quite quickly;
  • They're short, rather than long, folded over, and showing too much greying fluff;
  • They have faux fur inside, rather than faux sheepskin, so infinitely warmer. 
  • My final reason? I will not be wearing these with my trackies tucked into them. What was acceptable at school, when I didn't actually see the outside world, is not so acceptable any more, even if the only place I'll be seeing is my route to campus and the inside of the library. 
They cost me £11 from Sports Direct - I happened to see them in there a couple of weeks ago when looking for more running tops. They've bought a load of stock from another sports shop and are selling it off cheap. How was I supposed to say no?

I then rang my mother to bed her for a few pounds to buy a long sleeved top that didn't have a scooped neck (I'm very low on money due to end-of-term-ness). Luckily the thought of me freezing in the cold wilderness of the north was too much for her, and she said yes. Thank goodness. So she's kindly bought me the black top. Nothing special, just an XS H&M Basic top. It's pretty tight, and makes me feel like I'm wearing a winter rash vest. Not quite as fleecy, but as something to keep me warm it does the job!

I know I've complained about being broke, but when I saw the green and black jumper I fell slightly in love. It's baggy, not too thick, but has quite a high neck - keeps out drafts and perfect for layering other things underneath. It was only a fiver in the sale, and I've already worn it a couple of times. Definitely a keeper.

The socks might not look like much, but check out the inside:

They have a TOG rating of 2.4 - I'm wearing mini duvets on my feet! Another half price purchase from Sports Direct, they have the oddest mixture of things in there. On really cold days I wear them inside the Uggs. It's amazing.

So there we have it, my winter survival clothes. Luckily the snow that was forecast for York doesn't look like it'll be turning up any time soon, but it's still set to be pretty cold for the next week. (Today was a blistering seven degrees. I nearly got out the sun cream.) I might have no money to go out, but at least I won't get frostbite.

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