Friday, 6 April 2012

Good Friday

So, today should have been wonderfully Spring-like, but in fact was cold and grey. Not to mention that I'm now feeling quite sick for some reason. Am exhausted from rejigging my blog - why is it so hard to make it look how I want it to?!

Last night my sister made hot cross buns to have for breakfast today, and they tasted incredible, even better than shop-bought ones. We're doing really well right now with homemade food, since Dad seems to be on a proper bread mission, making all sorts of loaves (not all of them have turned out perfectly, though...). It's so nice to come downstairs in the morning to the smell of dough rising in the oven.

After breakfast I dug out some of the MANY rolls of wrapping paper I can't bring myself to use (too pretty) and lined a couple of cardboard boxes. I ordered a couple of pairs of boots from Boohoo which came yesterday, so I ended up with empty shoeboxes. One of them will house the myriad electrical items that clutter up the floor in front of my basin (there aren't actually that many, but the flexes...OH the flexes...), and the other I'm going to fill up with jewellery making paraphernalia. At some point I'll also cover the outside, but I don't like to do anything in a hurry...

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