Saturday, 7 April 2012

A rather dreary day here in middle England, one that merits Nutella spread pretty thickly onto homemade bread. After watching the debacle that was the boat race, I needed some sort of sustenance! Oh well, we all know that Oxford would have won, although what went on with the clash I just do not know.

I'm now meant to be reading Sense and Sensibility, but all I want to do is watch a film about somewhere hot, and pretend that I'm there.

My hair was a complete mess this morning - obviously after swimming last night I didn't quite manage to wash it properly - so I straightened it, cue random photos taken with my iPod. A little more colourful that the one permanently on my blog, but rather blurry. Unfortunately (or, rather, fortunately - explanation later) my dad came in to put some hooks on the back of my door, so no more could be taken. As for the hooks, I've been meaning to put them up for about three years or so now, and I'm eternally grateful for my my dad and his drill. I decoupaged the wooden board and varnished it, so now my coats have something pretty to hang on. The original hooks had been there since before we moved in and have taken to collapsing (apparently there is such a thing as Too Many Clothes?) over the last few years. But no more! Now I just have to sort out the squeaky hinges, as the weight of coats and jackets is too much for them...

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