Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hail on the roof

Dreary weather

My bed
WHAT is going on with the weather? It was a gorgeously sunny day, my sister came in from mowing the lawn and said how hot it was, and within ten minutes the sky had clouded over and it was hailing. Now it is sunny again! I want to go for a long run, but what on earth do I wear? I don't want to go in a hoody if the sun stays out, but I don't want to be caught in a blizzard (anything is possible right now...) wearing a t-shirt. Oh, the dilemmas!

I thought I'd take a picture of my bed, because it was looking so cosy. The rug isn't usually spread out like that, but I took pity on my dog earlier and let her chill on my bed for a while. No one was downstairs and she was blatantly lonely. Also she's so adorable that I can't help giving in to her every want!


  1. I love your bedroom! This is exactly the kind of bedroom I need/want in my life haha. Your bed definitely does look cosy, and I envy your bookshelf massively. I need a new one as all my books dont fit so they're piled up wherever I can find the space or packed away in boxes :( x