Sunday, 29 April 2012

New Trainers

When the weather isn't quite so miserable, I like to go running. There is, of course, the gym, but I can't actually afford that this term, so the great outdoors will have to do. I bought my old trainers back when I was in school and was running, so they've been pretty well used. My dad very kindly treated me to a new pair just before I came back to York since my old ones were giving me terrible blisters.
Old trainers
Muddy trainers

They didn't actually look that bad, or so I thought. Then I got some lovely new shiny ones!

New Asics GT-2170
With my Nike+ sensor, ready to run
They're Asics GT-2170 women's running shoes, and are SO much better than my old ones. When I went into the shop, the woman had me run on the treadmill in normal support trainers whilst she filmed my feet, to see if I pronated (rolled my ankles in) when I ran. I did, a lot, so these trainers have good arch support to stop that happening so much. If you see trainers with a darker colour on the outside of the shoe where your arch is, these have support there to stop over-pronation, something which I hadn't realised!

The only problem is that I've not actually been running in them yet! I've used them for aerobics, but so far the weather has been too wet to entice me outside. As soon as it stops raining for a while, I'll test them out.

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