Saturday, 17 November 2012

Books, books, glorious books

I was in town the other day, trying to escape the monotony of the house, the library, and the short but painful bike ride that comes between. I really wasn't supposed to spend any money, but I came over all creative in Paperchase and before I knew it I was at the till with a basket full of fun and an emptying purse. More on that in another post, though.

I popped into Urban Outfitters on my way to the bus stop, because while I rarely buy anything from there, I do love a bit of a browse. Especially in their homewares section. And that's where I found this:

This little baby, printed by Taschen, was a mere £8.99. How could I not buy it, at that price? I love coffee table books and have a couple of Vogue ones at home, so this will fit nicely on my bookshelf. One day I'm going to have room for one of these gems in my house...

Anyway, the girl in Urban Outfitters said that Taschen had published a 25th anniversary series, trying to provide people with their books at the slightly more reasonable price. So I had a browse of their website, and of Amazon, and have added a few to my Christmas list.

Books, books, glorious books

Books, books, glorious books by serenarudge 

I'm not a huge art lover, but Degas is beautiful and unbeatable when it comes to his dancers. The interior design books are more for just looking at than for getting ideas from, as the Amazon reviews say that to make displays similar to the ones in the book would just mean a lot of clutter. And a LOT of dusting. But hey, I love clutter, and a bit of dust never hurt anyone, so... 

The other books are either ones I've had my eye on for a while, or I just found in the 'Recommended for you' section. All except the Kate Mosse book. I read Labyrinth about five years ago now, and loved every page of it, and the same can be said for Sepulchre, so I'm excited to see what Citadel is like. I'm a huge fan of books that have different stories within them, and the fact that one thread is always set in the past is a massive winner in (Couldn't resist that!) 

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