Thursday, 15 November 2012

Let the sky fall, we will stand tall.

Let the sky fall, we will stand tall.

Let the sky fall, we will stand tall. by serenarudge 

I have a really hectic week this week. Or rather, I just need to spend some time in the library. The jeans/white top/cardigan combo is so easy to decide on and wear, and comfortable for sitting in the library all day. The accessories are quick to grab, but pull the outfit together, making it a little less casual. Simple and chic (no, I'm not turning into Mark Francis...), and who can deny that feeling put-together definitely helps productivity? I've started deciding what to wear the night before so that I have time to make a rational decision in the hope that I look normal... And the coffee? Sometimes it's just necessary...

If I owned all of these clothes I'd be a very happy bunny, especially the Burberry trench. Someone I sat next to on the train at the weekend was wearing a beautiful one, far more gathered at the waist than this version. I can't find a similar one on the website, so I can only assume it was from a past season. Even though I'm on a bit of a spending ban this week/month/the rest of my life, I might have a look for a burgundy cardigan tomorrow when I head into town. Burgundy, or oxblood, as some shops are calling it, is everywhere this winter. I do like red, but sometimes it's a bit cheerful/gaudy for the rest of my outfit. Burgundy, however, is perfect for brightening up a look whilst keeping a darker, grungy edge. Am I sounding pretentious? Is unkempt hair the closest I usually get to grunge? Yes to both. But honestly, what's more fun than talking about clothes you desperately want and will probably never have? Nothing? Correct.

My parting words are very simple: If You Haven't Mastered Polyvore, Do It. It doesn't have to just be clothes, anything goes. Even if you don't want to actually create sets, there's SO MUCH TO LOOK AT.

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