Thursday, 29 November 2012


I couldn't decide what to to listen to this morning: last night I couldn't prize myself away from Metric, and I wanted something a little similar this morning, if a little bit less, well, angsty. Nothing in my iTunes library was jumping out at me, probably because I kept returning wistfully to my collection of Christmas songs. I can't wait until Saturday when I can finally blast them out!

Anyway, Christmas songs were not an option, so I went on the iTunes store to see what this week's Single of the Week was. I've been a bit lax at downloading them recently, and was pleasantly surprised at this one (they can be a bit rock-heavy for me some of the time!).

A perfect mix of melancholy and upbeat, I've had a happy (read: unproductive) morning of browsing blogs and drinking tea. I've not listened to anything by Beyonce's little sister before (I don't think she'd appreciate that labelling, I won't do it again!). Have a listen, and see what you think!

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