Sunday, 4 November 2012

Man v. Food

I was watching Man v. Food this afternoon, and I've decided I want to be him. It's no secret that I love food, and a lot of what Adam Richman eats looks incredible (if loaded with oil, fat, and everything so chemically bad that my body would hate me for months to come). Eating out makes me happy, as does being full of delicious food, but unfortunately (a) I don't live in America, (b) I don't have enough money to eat out every day, and (c) I would be grossly obese within a year, if not dead with a ruptured stomach. So there goes that dream.

On the other hand, I also like eating healthily. I do start to feel rather ill if I don't eat enough vegetables, and have too much fried food; last week I ate an entire large Dominos pizza to myself (I'm 5'5 and not completely overweight) and three hours later I was still in pain. But sometimes I find it difficult to combine eating healthily, eating delicious food, and affording it. I'm a student, I live off steamed vegetables and soup.

I don't, however, agree with stupid diet fads. Eating only raw vegetables might be what some people like to do, and I like a crudite platter as much as the next person, but if eat nothing else I go a little stir crazy, hate everyone, and eat the entire bakery section of Tesco. I think that too many people don't understand that you can't live life without eating absolutely no fats. There are good and bad fats: cooking with a little olive oil, or eating a boiled egg or peanut butter on wholewheat toast for breakfast will do more good than harm. These fats actually stop cravings, which is why after eating  porridge with milk for breakfast and a salad for lunch I'd want, in the words of my friend Sofie, to 'steal the vending machine'.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this post; food has just been on my mind for a while, and after watching Man v. Food I wanted to write about it. Food takes up a lot of my thought space, mostly because my head is usually in a constant battle over whether I should be healthy, or enjoy the tastes. I can sometimes get too caught up in it, which is never a good thing.

So my new idea is to make the effort to cook something delicious, healthy and new every Sunday night, so that I can look forward to having something nice for lunch in the library the next day. I'm going to try to save some money throughout the week to buy the ingredients, and hopefully cook something successful.

Happy Sunday!

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