Saturday, 24 November 2012

Delicious food makes my teeth hurt

A bit of an odd subject, I'll admit. I'll explain.

I'm researching cafes/eateries in York to review and blog about (really I just want an excuse to spend money on food) because there are so many amazing places to go to, and yet I always seem to head for Caffe Nero and Mr £andwich when I need food. Who can go wrong with a loyalty card and lunch for a quid?

I came across an article in One & Other which had various suggestions of food places in it, made a list, and now I'm looking at their menus. When I see descriptions of good food, my mouth waters and my teeth, well they hurt. I think it's just because they're itching to bite into whatever it is I'm reading about (there seems to be a lot of goat's cheese on offer in York) rather than an obscure medical condition, but neverthess it's enough to make me want to eat the entire pack of parma ham sitting in the fridge. No, bad, must savour and enjoy it bit by bit.

So far my list consists of:

  • Vanilla Cafe
  • The Perky Peacock
  • Xing
  • Henshelwood's Deli
  • Filmore & Union
  • Mannion's
  • Stonegate Yard
  • Kennedy's Bar
  • Harlequin Cafe
  • LICC (I STILL HAVEN'T BEEN AND THIS UPSETS ME!) (Intentional caps as well)
Has anyone got any thoughts on these? Or anything they'd like to add to my list?

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